The leading coach training program in North Carolina that caters to accomplished professionals who are pursuing their
development to become certified and/or credentialed coaches. Graduates meet the educational requirements for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and/or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

“This program far exceeded my expectations in the thought process and practical application of developing a successful coaching business. The instruction is unbelievable, but the growth that I and each of my classmates experienced was the greatest joy of the program. To coach effectively, you have to gain an understanding of who you are to best service your clients. This program sets you up to do just that. The best professional and personal development opportunity I have ever done!”

– Dale Smith, CEO, Smith Management Training and Consulting Services, Greensboro, NC

Coaching has become more than a special perk for executives, and is now realized to be the single most powerful intervention that heightens awareness, defines strategic action, generates accountability, and accelerates desired results. Individuals and organizations face a myriad of challenges, both internally and externally. Coaching is a vehicle to re-frame and overcome those challenges. Coaching clients have reported that their experience with coaching have led to breakthrough business results along with significant improvement in personal performance as well as leadership and team effectiveness.

The need for coaching is recognized in all facets of life and organizations: education, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, social services, leadership, organizations, and government. The International Coach Federation now has over 30,000 members worldwide.

Coaches who are trained in an ICF-approved program represent the highest quality of coaches, as they abide by a Code of Ethics, received rigorous training and continuing development, and have been peer reviewed.

The Uniqueness of Our Program

The North Carolina State University Business and Professional Coaching Certificate Program is the leading university-based, ICF-approved program in North Carolina led by credentialed coaches.

  • Outstanding Faculty: Lead facilitators are practicing coaches with executive experience as well as leadership and organization development background. Over the course of the program, visiting faculty will include accomplished coaches who will bring you cutting-edge learning and trends in the art, science, and practice of coaching.
  • The program is both theoretical and practical. As a participant you will study the principles and models of coaching and develop coaching proficiency with real clients. Topics in both personal and business coaching will be addressed.
  • This is a full-immersion program, where you will be provided an experiential environment that enhances your personal development as a coach: self-awareness and development as well as social awareness, strengths, and effective tools for personal growth and development.
  • Coaching: The power of coaching is best understood through experience. This program will provide you the opportunity to have your own coach, your own clients with up to 40 hours of coaching experience, and peer coaching in small groups.

Who Should Attend

  • Consultants who want to develop the skills as executive and business coaches
  • Executives and managers who want to develop a coach approach to enhance their leadership
  • Human resource/talent management professionals who want to develop/master coaching skills or start an internal coaching practice
  • Counselors, psychologists or therapists who want to develop a coaching skill set to expand their practices
  • Professionals who are seriously interested in pursuing business or personal coaching as a profession
  • Coaches who want to expand their learning and/or attain ICF membership or credentials