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Digital Engineering in Nuclear Technology

DENT Digital Engineering in Nuclear Technology Conference

September 20-21, 2023 | 8 am- 5pm ET

Hunt Library, Centennial Campus | North Carolina State University

We welcome nuclear reactor stakeholders interested in utilizing digital engineering in nuclear power plants’ life cycles. We will exchange knowledge on digital engineering to enable more efficient nuclear power plants deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Keynote Speakers

John Korsedal – GEH Nuclear Energy

Norm Kunkel – Duke Energy

Justin Garza – Zachry Construction

Advanced Construction

Discuss digital engineering and digital twin tools and their roles in managing and executing mega construction projects.

Session Chairs:

Tannis Liviniuk (Trillium Advisory Group)

Hasan Charkas (EPRI)

Advanced Manufacturing

How to use digital tools to accelerate manufacturing schedule and revolutionize supply chain and configuration management.

Session Chairs:

Marc Albert (EPRI)

David Malley (NAMRC)

Licensing and Regulatory

What regulations and licensing paths will be needed for digital applications. Plus, what data sharing protocol is expected.

Session Chairs:

Lee Grezeck (Duke Energy)

Sujit Samaddar (NRC)

Autonomous Operations

How we can leverage digital engineering tools to achieve autonomous operation and maintenance.

Session Chairs:

Sacit Cetiner (MIT)

Ronlad Boring (INL)