Becoming a sponsor for the Fπ-15 Conference gives your organization the opportunity to network, increase your brand awareness, and establish or maintain relationships with partners. We expect ~450 participants from around the world. For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Conference Chair Harald Ade at hwade@ncsu.edu.


Register as a Sponsor or Exhibitor


Sponsorship options/functions Branding on Fπ-15 Website Exhibition space Comp. registration Comp. banquet Social media Feature article Presentation slot Number of spots
Exhibitor (Silver, $500) 6’ Table only 1 1 10
Exhibitor (Gold, $1000) 10’ x 10’ space 1 1 10
Exhibitor (Platinum, $1500) 10’ x 15’ space 2 2 ✔️ 10
Session Break Sponsor: $1500 (each session) 10’ x 10’ space 1 1 10
Lunches $4000 (each day) 10’ x 15’ space 2 2 ✔️ 8
Student/Postdoc Networking: $4,000 10’ x 15’ space 2 2 3
International Advisory Board Dinner: $4,000 10’ x 15’ space 2 2 1
Invited Speaker Dinner: $10,000 10’ x 15’ space 3 3 ✔️ 1
Friday Night Welcome Reception ($10,000) 20’ x 20’ space 3 3 ✔️ 1
Poster Session $10,000 (Food/drink ~350 p.) 20’ x 20’ space 3 3 ✔️ 1
Poster Prizes/Awards (variable) Contact Contact Contact ✔️ 1
Travel grants for students (variable. Total need ~$25,000) Contact Contact Contact ✔️ Contact Contact 10
Banquet Sponsor (Full or cosponsor $40,000) Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate Negotiate 10




The Fπ-15 banquet will be held in the Natural History Museum in Raleigh, within walking distance of the conference venue and the hotels. We anticipate more than 400 participants to be at the banquet. The event space has a presentation theater visible from all three floors in which sponsor-specific information will be continually looped and offers a unique space for a keynote welcome inside the globe featured in the picture. The museum has many unique attractions including several working labs on display to the public and the long-anticipated opening of the Dueling Dinosaurs exhibit.

Friday Night Welcome Reception

This signature social event kicks off the conference with opportunities to socialize and network in a relaxed setting. We will reserve something similar to the Raleigh Beer Garden to showcase Raleigh nightlife. This event sets the tone for the entire conference and guests look forward to connecting with colleagues before diving into the science.

Beer Garden


Poster Session

We are targeting a single poster session in a large ballroom on the third day of the conference and anticipate participation of 300 registrants. Providing food, drinks and named poster prizes creates a lively session that gives the students and postdocs a chance to showcase their work and network with experts and potential industry partners in their fields.



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