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Additive manufacturing and colloidal metamaterials

Keynote speaker: Nick Kotov, University of Michigan
Chirality-Complexity Relations for Self-Assembled Nanostructures
Organizers: Donglei Emma Fan, Kenan Song

Active and Adaptive Matter

Keynote SpeakerAlexey Snezhko, Argonne National Laboratory
Quincke oscillators: Dynamics, synchronization, and assembly of self-oscillating colloids
Organizers: Wyatt Shields, Lauren Zarzar

Biomaterials, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceuticals

Keynote speaker: Tatiana Segura, Duke University
Microgel particle assemblies in repair and regeneration
Organizers: Ashley Brown, Amir Sheikhi

Colloidal and Interfacial Phenomena

Keynote speaker: Kathryn Grzesiak, Dow
High throughput characterization of surfactants for industrial research
Organizers: Peter Beltramo, John Frostad

Colloids for Sustainability and Energy

Keynote speaker: Bruce Dunn, UCLA
Electrochemical energy storage with nanoscale materials
Organizers: Matthew Gebbie, Yufeng Wang

Emulsions, Foams, and Surfactants

Keynote speaker: Ankur Gupta, University of Colorado, Boulder
Theoretical framework for investigating the late-time dynamics of active droplets via surfactant adsorption and desorption
Organizers: Anirudha Banerjee, Ryan Poling-Skutvik

General Fundamentals

Keynote speaker: Thomas Russell, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
A unique platform to manipulate nanoparticles
Organizers: Zahra Niroobakhsh, Zachary Sherman

Machine Learning and AI for Colloids

Keynote speaker: Arthi Jayaraman, University of Delaware
Physics-based and data-driven computational methods for analysis of small angle scattering profiles from soft materials
Organizers: Safa Jamali, Lilo Pozzo

Microfluidics and Nanocolloidal Systems

Keynote speaker: David Issadore, University of Pennsylvania
Very Large Scale Microfluidic Integration (VLSMI) for industrial scale generation of ‘designer’ hydrogels and lipid nanoparticle formulations
Organizers: Alicia Boymelgreen, Adriana San-Miguel

Rheology and Tribology of Complex Fluids

Keynote speaker: Michelle Calabrese, University of Minnesota
Developing structure-property-processing relationships in self-assembled polymer solutions using magnetorheology
Organizers: Jaehun Chun, Kelly Schultz

Self- and Directed Assembly

Keynote speaker: James Gilchrist, Lehigh University
Granular-like collective dynamics of Janus particle microrollers
Organizers: Carlos Silvera Batista, Sepideh Razavi

Wetting and Adhesion

Keynote speaker: Daniel Harris, Brown University
Pattern formation and propulsion of macroscopic capillary floaters
Organizers: Jonathan Pham, Stuart Williams

Plenary Lectures

Plenary speaker: Sibani Lisa Biswal, Rice University
Plenary speaker: Joelle Frechette, University of California Berkeley

More information about the plenary lectures can be found here

Poster Session

Organizers: Sara Hashmi, Artem Rumyantsev

   * Poster presenters please note that the poster session is on Monday, June 5th.

The full schedule of presentations by day and session is now available here

Connecting the Dots

Organizers: Daniel Miller, Dawn Mason, Lilian Hsiao, Orlin Velev

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